To telephone a message to a subscriber:

Telephone (08) 7325 2610 x( International: + 618 7325 2610 )
Follow the prompts. Note that you will be asked for...........
          The user's name (given and family name)
          The user's callsign (such as Mobile 5291)
          A general location for the user if known
          Your name
          Your phone number (we may need to get back to you).
          The message !
You have approximately 1 minute for the recording.
Please read the Important Advice, via the INFO button above right, prior to recording your message !

  Important advice on the reliability of our system can be found via the button right.  Anyone telephoning messages to VKS-737 subscribers should read that advice !

USERS - Please stay in touch daily, while travelling.!
It is important that travelling users monitor at least one of our many daily skeds, for the retrieval of messages.

Our Delivery System
Our volunteer messages coordinator circulates messages to all network staff several times each day (time permitting).