Mary Charles

Geoff Eaton

Tony Grigg

Steve Johnston OAM

Terry Liston

Dave Lomman

Ros Lomman

Andrew Oakley AFSM

George Slieker

Chris Aulich

Gerald Aulich AFSM

Wendy Aulich

Warwick Barrett

Andy Bayley

Geoff Bigwood

Stuart Blackshaw

Trevor Bosley

Ken Bradey

Colin Brown

John Brown

Victor Brown

Ray Charlton

Robert Cook

Matt Craig

Dennis Craker

Dick Dowd

Jack Dowling

Harry Erdmann

Mark Faithfull

Jol Fleming

Alex Fowler

Matt Fox

Ted Fry

Ian Gardiner

Phill Gray

Peter Harland

Mike Holmes

Howard Humby

Steve John

Tom Lawton

Terry Leeder

Mike Markham

Ian McCleary

Colin Metcalf

Darrin Nitschke

Val Oakley

Janet Payne

Warren Payne

Angelo Pippos

Darian Powell

Mike Roulston

Charles Savage

Popeye Solomon

Bryant Stokes AM

Bart Swart

David Talbot

Jim Taylor

Andy Trenfield

Mervyn Vessey

Lou Walker OAM

Steve Walton

Neville Westbury

Alvin Whittle

Peter Williams

Rhonda Wilkinson

Rob Wright

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Alfred "Alf" Traeger OBE. 1895-1980
Inventor of the "Pedal Wireless"
The Foundation of modern day
outback HF communication.