2018 Event

Moonambel Victorian VKS-737 Subscribers Weekend


The 2018 Moonambel social gathering as in previous years  will be held over two days at at the Moonambel Recreation reserve on the weekend of TBA October 2018.

The 17th annual gathering has a prime location being situated prior to the entrance of the township of Moonambel.

We are able to provide both bush camping and some limited powered sites.

Firewood is supplied for a centrally located fire used as a gathering (Happy Hour) or cooking area.

Moonambel Township is within walking distance with excellent services to visitors and the district provides outstanding recreational 4WD driving for those wishing to partake in this activity. Alternatively, you may wish to visit one of the many great wineries in the area.

We invite all HF radio enthusiasts and their friends to our gathering to share your knowledge,

join in the weekend activities and just generally enjoy socialising and having a great time.

For more information contact either :

Rod Willison- [VKS-737 Mobile 8788]  mobile: 0419 008 764 alternatively

Ron Tame - [VKS-737 Mobile 3331]   mobile: 0400 346 477.


Please note this is a private event, not an event organised by, or endorsed by, the Australian National 4WD Radio Network Inc. or the VKS-737 Radio Network.