Our base stations hold many sked sessions each day of the year. By request, we deliver roads, weather and parks information and do position logging for subscribers.

We may be on air at off-sked times providing assistance and advice to travellers in difficulty, but callers can contact our bases by selcall at other times. See the Base page for advice on contacting us. Information on our FREQUENCIES can be found via the text link above-right.

We know what its like to be in remote areas and in need of assistance. If help is available for your situation, from the authorities or even other remote travellers, we will try our best for you ....... and we have a great track record !

HF-Tel Radio-Telephone
To access radio-telephone service for your HF. Connect with HF-Tel or contact Head Office for further information.

Connect with HF-Tel service today !
Radio Checks & Training Calls
See Radio-Checks page for information on testing your equipment in the field.

Daily Schedules (skeds): A list of summer and winter daily skeds around the nation, are available to VKS-737 subscribers. (via the Users tab).

The links below will provide more information about our activities on air.

[ Radio systems - Mobiles]
[ Radio systems - Base stations ]

[ DOC 06 Communications Systems Comparison ]
[ DOC 19 Base Station Map]
[ Running a sked; the OPERATORS' view ]
[ Phonetic expression - on the air ]
[ Using your HF radio ] [ GPS and your HF ] [ Satphones ]

GREEN blocks =all clear / Redblocks =warning current.
Access advice on RED BLOCKS, from the linked text on the right. Connect with IPS Home, via the linked text left.